Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin's Appeal Is "She Doesn't Give A Rat's Butt What The Facts Are"


SAM STEIN, HUFFINGTON POST: Sure. Well, I think one of the criticisms that conservatives had, outside of Michele Bachman, has been that the Obama administration has used its executive authority to delay some of these mandates, to tinker with the law in a way they think Congress should have a say. And I understand their concern in that. But some of these criticisms reaches well beyond logic.

Let's go back to Sarah Palin. This whole notion that death panels are in there. The first death panels that she referred to was a requirement that Medicare provide end of life consultations to patients. That was deliberately stripped from the legislation because of the uproar that she caused. It's clearly not in there now but years later she's acting as if it is. So there's a bit of lunacy to some of these criticisms. It's not based in fact at all and that's what clouds this debate. You don't know what are legitimate gripes and you don't know what are pure fabrications.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Don't you think part of the appeal, Sam, this is a bit psycho babble, but don't you think part of the appeal Sarah Palin is she doesn't give a rat's butt what the facts are. And I think that is her wild attraction. She's almost squirrely that way in a sense that she's willing to say wild things that you and I will say, 'wait, that's not true.' She'll just come back and say, 'Well,' that's being technical or you're just dealing with facts there.'

STEIN: Or she'll find some other provision to claim it's a death panel. For instance, the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). But, you know, I agree with you. There's sort of an allure from her vantage point to cause a raucous and then step back and look at the damage she caused.

MATTHEWS: When Katie Couric asked years ago what are you reading, everybody knew that was elitism by her standards. Asking what newspapers you're reading is an elitist question. She can't lose, this woman. She'll be around for a while, even though she wasn't governor for very long.

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