Dem Rep. Ellison: Obama Meant "If You Misunderstood What I Was Trying To Say, I'm Sorry"


REP. KEITH ELLISON (D-MINN.): You know, I just want to say that I think that everything that the president said and did was in pursuit of trying to get Americans, all Americans health care. So I think even though he may have said, if you like your decent insurance, your insurance that works, then you can keep it, I think that people really get that. When -- he owned it. He said, look, man, if you misunderstood what I was trying to say, I'm sorry about that.

I think that shows integrity. He didn't do anything to self-promote. He did -- what he was doing he was trying to do -- to help Americans all over this country for decades.

REP. TOM COLE (R-OK): I'm going to disagree a little bit--


ELLISON: Intentions count.

COLE: -- with Keith. We knew back in 2009, 2010, this was going to happen. The Congressional Budget Office put out studies about it. We made the points, and we know now the administration had plenty of documents.


COLE: -- were going to lose health care here. So I think this does get to credibility as well as competence.

ELLISON: These plans actually, many of these, these high-deductible, high-exclusion plans, they don't -- they were not quality plans in many cases. And the fact is, they were for a small -- they might work for somebody who had a lot of money saved up, but for other folks, they just didn't. There's a reason those premiums were low.

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