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Larry King: Limbaugh, Talk Radio Hosts Are "Screaming, Yelling Idiots"

LARRY KING: Well, the radio is a kickoff, because I got a lot of good write-ups and a lot of stories about that radio show.

MARC MARON, HOST: Why was it so, why’d you get so much attention?

KING: Because it was the first national network talk show.

MARON: Okay.

KING: I was the beginning of talk radio. I get a lot of credit as the beginning of talk radio in America.

MARON: Do you like what it evolved into?

KING: No, because it became a soap box - screaming, yelling idiots. A lot of what I hear is pop nonsense, political crazies.

MARON: Yeah, no real discussion.

KING: Political crazies. You know, NPR is good radio. But, the Limbaughs and these guys are just playing with a loose deck. And a lot of it’s an act.

MARON: Oh, I know, yeah, it’s, they’re hustlers.

KING: Some are good broad, I came to respect Howard Stern.

MARON: Yeah, sure.

KING: I used to, when it was earlier on, I didn’t buy a lot of that act, but now I understand his maturity and he’s matured.

MARON: Yeah, I think so. I think that’s true.

KING: He’s a very good broadcaster. But I was raised by the Godfreys and the, there was class. Whenever someone curses on the radio it still drives me nuts. (WTF podcast with Marc Maron)

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