Krauthammer: "Obama Runs The Presidency As If His Main Job Is Rhetorical And Political"


SHANNON BREAM: Charles, that's part of what a president does. They go to their base. They have to do these fundraisers and go talk to people who supported them.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: In most administrations, yes, it is part. For Obama, it is the whole. Obama runs the presidency as if his main job, his only job, is rhetorical and political, shore up the base, make speeches. It's all rhetoric. He's got a crisis of management. He has got a system that doesn't work. It's his signature legislation. It's sort of the heart, the symbol of the embodiment of his idea of a caring, progressive central government. It's a mess. And he is now on the west coast.

If you had, let's take a Romney and the Olympics in Salt Lake. He goes in there, it's a mess. He is a manager. He butts head together. He's up night and day, working on getting people organized. Obama says, 'well, I don't write code.' It's not that people want him to write code. They want him to be in Washington, organize his underlings, get a system going in which he can make a promise that Obamacare, that the web site will be up on December 1st and it will actually happen. Is there anybody who believes it's going to be up and running on December the 1st? He is now on these trips.

It's amazing to me he became president on the basis of rhetoric. He's conducted the presidency on rhetoric. And he perpetuates it. There is an element of this that's a bit like running a candy store. And he's never run anything. It's as if he is a bystander who makes speeches. I think it's rather remarkable. Who and where and what is happening here to actually make his idea, this conception he had of Obamacare, of healthcare, that encompasses everybody to actually make it a reality. Sebelius?

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