November 23, 2013 Archives

November 23, 2013 Archives

Maher: Obama's Afghanistan Policy Is "If You Like The War You Have, You Can Keep It"

BILL MAHER: You know, President Obama, to honor a president and an assassination, just today smoked a dude in Pakistan with a drone just to show them where we are. And why not? Because apparently we're not leaving the region anytime soon. Barry, what happened? I thought we were getting out of Afghanistan. Well, the news this week is that we've s

The McLaughlin Group: Kennedy, Conspiracies, Iran, Congress & Filibuster

Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Susan Ferrechio and Mort Zuckerman.

Mark Steyn: Obamacare "The Greatest Act Of Punitive Liberalism"

MARK STEYN: I’m not a believer in Kennedy myths or anything, but the biggest victim of Kennedy mythology was the Democratic Party. They were transformed from a reasonably sane party into believers in punitive liberalism. And Obamacare is the greatest act of punitive liberalism the Democratic Party has forced on the American people. (Hugh Hewit

David Brooks On WH Appointments: "The President Should Have Wide Leeway To Choose Who He Wants"

JUDY WOODRUFF: David, the Democrats argue that -- that the obstruction under this president is much worse than it was under his predecessors. DAVID BROOKS: Well, I think, overall, that's true. I think the final year of the Bush administration was pretty bad. I think that was equal to some of these years. I would say the most defensible thing

Obama Weekly Address: There Are Some Good Things Happening In Our Economy

WHITE HOUSE: In his weekly address, President Obama says our economy is moving in the right direction. We have cut our deficits by more than half, businesses have created millions of new jobs, and we have taken significant steps to reverse our addiction to foreign oil and fix our broken health care system. PRESIDENT OBAMA: Hi, everyb

Rep. Burgess Gives GOP Weekly Address On Obamacare: "This Is Only The Beginning"

GOP: From cancelation letters to increased premiums, it is becoming clear that the reality of the president's health care law doesn't match what he promised. With this only the beginning of the law's implementation, it is time to start over with true patient-centered reform. The House will continue to ask tough questions about this trainwreck as we

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