Fournier: As Soon As A President Loses Credibility With The Public, "They Are Toast"


MEGYN KELLY: Ron Fournier is a national correspondent for National Journal and is my guest now. Ron, good to see you. So, boy, people did not like that comparison, particularly people on the left saying you have to be crazy. People died after Hurricane Katrina. They died, of course, in the Iraq war. How could you compare the failed rollout of Obamacare to that?

RON FOURNIER: Yeah, that's the oldest trick in the book, isn't it, deflecting to the comparison you want to make? Of course, I'm not comparing the crises. There is no comparison qualitatively to Iraq and Katrina and Obamacare. There hasn't been thousands of deaths with Obamacare. But there is a correlation between how the presidents have handled their crises, politically, and how the public now views them.

KELLY: And now we're seeing similar approval ratings. Amazingly. I mean, for a president in Barack Obama, who was at such incredible heights when he first took office. Now look at this. So 1760 days into their presidencies.

President Obama, 41%. President Bush, 38%. A difference of 3 points in the Gallup polling. CBS News puts it within two points. 37% for Barack Obama now, 35% for President Bush in a similar point in his presidency. They are neck and neck now in terms of how the public dislikes them, Ron.

FOURNIER: It's a race to the bottom. And those aren't even the most important numbers. What held up President Bush during his most troubled times in his first and second term were that people, even if they didn't agree with him they liked and they trusted him. Same with President Obama. He got through some tough times because people liked him and trusted him.

As soon as the president loses that competency and credibility with the public, which Bush did in 2005 and President Obama is now, they are toast. Especially in their second term. There really is no history of a president in their second term having come down this far ever having come back up.

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