Juan Williams On Obama Meeting: White House In "Full Fight Mode"


JON SCOTT: You were at the White House. You want to tell us about that?

JUAN WILLIAMS: What happened was the White House invited a small group of journalists over to talk with the president. I can't tell you what the president said, that is off the record. But I met with other senior officials at the White House and I can tell you they are in full fight mode over the Affordable Care Act right now. What you hear from these senior officials is, you know, they're concerned about what happened with insurance companies.

They wish the insurance companies hadn't sent out the cancellation notices and if they had, that they simply call them renewals. And, they feel right now, as if, you know, they had a major systems failure, major management failure and they're trying to get back on track. Their big concern right now is with people who had those cancellation notices and making sure those people feel they have been taken care of. They feel they have to turn that around, as the first step in trying to repair the damage that's been done to this president.

SCOTT: Is it fair to say they're also trying to change the messaging here.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely. I mean, you know there is frustration. I think that's clear from everybody who I was talking to this morning at the White House, is frustration. They feel even if you don't get the websites working, they expect the websites will work, they will get a sustainable, pool of people, maybe not as many people into the marketplace as they had projected but they will get a sustainable pool. They're frustrated with the way that this has been portrayed in the media because they say it has done some good. Bill Clinton couldn't even get a vote on proposed health care reform. 100 years people have been trying. This is hard work as one of them said.

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