Krauthammer: "Hillary Is A Paper Tiger"


HUGH HEWITT, HOST: So I ran through all of these candidates -- Christie, Kasich, Walker, Jindal, Cruz, Rubio, Thune, Rubio, Ryan, Paul, and you mentioned Mitch Daniels. I have probably missed someone. Can any of them beat Hillary?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Every single one can beat Hillary. Hillary is a paper tiger. Hillary was inevitable in '08 and what happened to inevitability? I don't think she's -- I think she can win, of course. And I think she'll get the nomination by acclimation for religious reasons. She's worshipped by the Democrats. But I don't think that translates, necessarily. The idea that she is a shoe-in for the presidency, I think is just ridiculously wrong. I don't think that she is a great campaigner. You know that she has her strengths, but let me ask you this. You know the hyperbole about her being Secretary of State? Name me one thing that she had achieved in the four years. One. I'm not asking for Kissinger-China-Middle East. I'm not asking for a [George] Baker. I'm not asking for a George Shultz or a George Marshall. Tell me one thing she achieved in the four years.

HEWITT: I've posed that question to Politico reporters before and they can't come up with anything because there isn't anything, Charles.

KRAUTHAMMER: She travels a lot. Well, so do I.

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