Ifill: Obama "Doesn't Want Single-Payer, Everybody Knows That"


RADDATZ: Gwen, the Tea Party, the Republicans, now the divided Democrats.

IFILL: It was only a month ago that we said that Republicans were hopelessly divided and Democrats were hopefully united and that was what was driving the world in the wake of the government shutdown. A month later, we now have the divided Democrats.

What we see around this table is an example why life is so hard right now at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Democrats, the president doesn't want single-payer, everybody knows that.

DEAN: He made a mistake.

IFILL: Well, maybe you believe...

DEAN: You're in a single-payer. If you weren't in congress, you would be in a single-payer. It's a very successful one. It's called the Veteran's Administration.

IFILL: But you know...

DEAN: And I'm in a single-payer as of today, because I just...

KINZINGER: I was just putting on the record...

DEAN: Medicare is a single-payer.

KINZINGER: ...what the goal of Democrat Party is in the long run...

DEAN: Yeah, we want health care for everybody regardless of work.

IFILL: Here's the problem, here's the problem, the White House has a Goldilocks defense. We were trying not to go too liberal, we are trying not to go too conservative. We thought we had it just right. And it turns out not to be right. The president essentially said that when he was in the briefing room the other day. He can't make anybody happy right now.

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