Gwen Ifill: Obama's Apology Was "So Un-Obamalike"


GWEN IFILL, PBS: They're not laughing a lot at the White House this week. It's been -- to have the president come out as he did and speak basically for an hour saying, yeah, I was wrong, yeah I was fumbled, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, was not only a bad concession for him, but it was also so un-Obamalike. There's certainty. There -- our defense in all of this, has been we know what's best for you. And they had to come out and say, but we don't know how to do it and that this is complicated, something which you would like to think they knew.

So, it was a bad, bad week. They're hoping, as you heard Jon Karl say, they've hit bottom and that there's only one place to go -- up. But no one is quite clear what the path is to up.

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