Chris Matthews: Obama "Doesn't Want To Give Authority To People"


DAVID GREGORY: When the president says, and he did say, "The user experience of this website is everything," who had the muscle in the White House to get it done and make sure the president gets what he wants?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Everybody goes to their battle stations when there's chaos. You always go to where you've been arguing before. But I've always been arguing this president doesn't have a chain of command, a very clear line of authority and unique responsibility.

I remember Sebelius, who I like of course, most people do like her, she's a public servant. But when she was asked, "Who's in charge?" in that committee, under oath, she started to talk about someone, the head of C.M.S., who handles Medicare and Medicaid. Among 30 or 40 other responsibilities, this person had the rollout responsibilities.

Look at Japan, the occupation of Japan, it simple: Put one guy in charge, Doug MacArthur. You put somebody in charge and they're uniquely responsible for its success or failure. Obama doesn't do things that way. He's got floaters, like Valerie Jarett, floating around. He doesn't want to have a real chief of staff, like a Jim Baker. He doesn't want to give authority to people, and I think it's been a real problem.

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