Maher Rips Bill Clinton: "If You're A Democrat, The Clintons Are A Pre-Existing Condition"


On the Friday broadcast of his HBO program, Bill Maher took aim at former President Bill Clinton for meddling and opining how President Obama should handle his broken healthcare promise. Clinton said Obama should "honor" his commitment to let people keep their health insurance plans.

Maher saw this as undermining President Obama and said Clinton's comment was "not helpful."

MAHER: Obamacare was trying to protect these people who are being ripped off by insurance companies. But, yesterday, Obama said, 'Okay finally. 'You know what? You want your shitty, crummy plans? You can have them!' You want your policy where you go in for an operation and your covered for when they cut you open, but not when they sew you up? Fine, children, have your broken piece of glass that you want to play with!

And one reason he had to do this was that Bill Clinton opened his big fat vegan mouth, and said Obama should let people keep their crappy insurance, even if screwed up the whole system. You know what? If you're a Democrat, the Clintons are a pre-existing condition.

Yeah, it was not helpful. (HBO's Real Time, November 15, 2013)

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