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Dem Congressman On Obamacare: "Haven't Seen So Much Panic On House Floor Since 9/11"

REP. JIM MCDERMOTT: Mr. Speaker, my mother used to say, patience is a virtue. I haven’t seen so much panic on this floor since 9/11. Now the fact is that a couple of members who used to be here, Jay Inslee, who’s now governor of the state of Washington and Mike Kreidler who is the insurance commissioner of the state of Washington, have already said they will not implement this. Because it is not good for the people of the state of Washington. They’ve looked at it. We have worked hard to implement the Affordable Care Act.

And now we have a bill out here, with no hearings, whatsoever, run out here. And we’re told there will be no confusion. There will be nothing but confusion. You have fifty insurance commissioners around this country who are going to be suddenly given a bill after we write some rules and regulations that require the insurance companies to sell policies to people. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I thought the Republicans believed in the free enterprise system. This is socialism. This is government saying to insurance companies: you must sell a policy to somebody next year that you sold to them this year. When did we shift on the Republican side to the Congress telling an insurance company who they have to sell a policy to or what’s in the policy.

The fact is that they are gonna have to put the policy out there. They’ve been working and implementing this law for three years, and now six weeks before it actually begin to take effect, we run in here and say, “wait a minute! You gotta start selling policies like the ones that you sold last year.” Do you think they didn’t think through what they’re doing? I don’t understand the free enterprise system is lions, and they’re eating antelopes. I urge you to vote no on this because you are going to cause endless confusion in this country and the insurance market.

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