November 13, 2013 Archives

November 13, 2013 Archives

George Will: No Need To Repeal, "Keep Your Plan" Bill Effectively Ends Obamacare

GEORGE WILL: It's the mathematics of small numbers as far as any enrollment is concerned. Well, it's not working. The exchanges themselves and the website aren't working and neither is the explanation of both failures. The problem is we have no experience rolling out things like this, at least for about 200 years of our history. When we rolled out,

Dennis Miller To Obama: "If You Liked Your Apology, You Can Keep It"

DENNIS MILLER: This is not the time to come in and tell all these people how stupid it is. History will show how stupid it's been. I would just say this to the president in the nicest terms I can. Mr. President, if you liked your apology, you can keep it. Alright, how's that? All I know is that are all I know is I finally started reading some Obama

Fireworks: Megyn Kelly Takes On Ezekiel Emanuel Over Obamacare Again

FOX News: Tonight on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly took on the architect of ObamaCare for the second time. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel called the ObamaCare numbers released today “disappointing,” but said it’s not surprising given the website's problems. Kelly pressed Emanuel repeatedly on whether he predicted insurance companies would cancel indivi

Obamacare Architect: Genetic "Lottery Winners" Have Been Paying An "Artificially Low Price"

JONATHAN GRUBER, M.I.T.: Let’s start with understanding that we're not talking about the vast majority of Americans. This law is really leaving those with employer insurance, those with government insurance alone. We’re talking about a small minority of Americans that buy insurance on their own through the individual market. CHUCK TODD: Sti

Sen. Mary Landrieu Laughs At Apologizing For Obamacare

Se. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) laughs when CNN's Wolf Blitzer asks if she would like to apologize for Obamacare. Landrieu also said she has no regrets for the "keep your plan" pledge.

Tapper: If I Were Hillary Clinton, I Wouldn't Talk About Obamacare

HUGH HEWITT, HOST: Now I want to switch over back to Hillary, which you were talking about with former Governor Palin today. The former Secretary of State was the first out of the box on what became Obamacare. She is, in fact, Obamacare’s grandmother, is what I like to tell people about her. Does she have to distance herself from Obamacare at thi

Gutfeld Rips WaPo's Richard Cohen For Writing GOP Has Issue With Mixed Marriages

Greg Gutfeld rips Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen for insisting that the tea party has a problem with interracial marriages in his most recent column. Here's the offending passage:

Jon Stewart Goofs On Health Care Coverage From FOX News' "Medical A-Team"

Daily Show: Fox News' Medical A-Team appear to be less expert doctors and more shady expert witnesses paid by the defense to say that the bullet hole exit wound is maybe a third nipple. (05:34)

Obama To American Indians: Sequester, Shutdown Harmed Your Tribes

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So I said to some of you that I met with yesterday, growing our economy, creating new jobs is my top priority. We’ve got to stop the self-inflicted wounds in Washington. Because for many tribal nations, this year’s harmful sequester cuts and last month’s government shutdown made a tough situation worse. Your schools, your

Carney: "Measurable Progress To Report" On Obamacare Website

JAY CARNEY: There's no question that from the launch date on October 1st, the performance of the website has been far less than satisfactory. I think that it's important to note and CMS has released some of this information but I can do it from here, too. That, you know, this progress that is being made every day is measured against metrics that fo

Cruz: Clinton's "Revealing" Criticism Shows Hillary Is Looking To "Run Away From Obamacare"

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): That was certainly revealing, and it suggests perhaps that Hillary Clinton is looking to run away from President Obama and run away from Obamacare. And that ought to be a signal to Democrats. This thing isn't working. When President Obama and the Democrats keep fighting in a partisan way for a law that is taking away the healt

Sen. Warren: Republicans Making "Naked Attempts To Nullify" 2012 Election

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): There are three vacancies in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. The President of the United States has nominated judges to fill those vacancies. That’s his job. And it is the job of the Senate to confirm highly qualified, independent judges. That’s how our system works—that’s what the Constitution demands. R

Cannon: Hard For President To "Escape Culpability" On Obamacare Problems

CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS: Mr. Obama campaigned hard for health care, putting his and his party's credibility on the line with countless promises. He railed angrily, calling critics extreme and dismissed serious concerns from health experts on both sides of the aisle. Now, he's a lame duck on defense for failing to ensure that the most controversial g

Mark Wahlberg: How Dare Actors Compare Themselves To Soldiers

MARK WAHLBERG: For actors to sit there and talk about, oh, I went to SEAL training, and I slept on the -- I don’t give a f*** what you did. You don't do what these guys do. You just don't. For somebody to sit there and say, my job was as difficult as somebody in the military, how fucking dare you? While you sit in a makeup chair for two hours. I

Boehner: House Won't Negotiate On Senate Immigration Bill

CBS: House Speaker John Boehner delivered what may well be the final nail in the coffin of immigration reform prospects in the near future with a vow that House leaders "have no intention of ever going to conference on the Senate bill."

Brit Hume On Obamacare: "This Is As Bad A Political Disaster As I've Ever Seen"

BRIT HUME: This is as bad a political disaster as I have ever seen. ianne Feinstein is wonderful example of just how bad it is. She is not up, as you pointed out, next year. But her state does have what, a million people who lost their policies, something like that. She is hearing about that. Every senator in the place is hearing about it, as is ev

RCP's Caitlin Huey-Burns On Obamacare Fallout For Democrats

RCP's Caitlin Huey-Burns and CBS News' Steve Chaggaris discuss Democrats' efforts to deal with the problems with the health care.

Ed Schultz: "The Mainstream Media Wants Obamacare To Fail"

ED SCHULTZ: Everybody loves their dog. I'm no different. I want to introduce you to my best buddy. This is Buck. He's nine and a half years old. I call him the Buckster. And let me tell you something. There is no black lab in America that can hunt like that dog. He will hunt the same way every time. There could be one bird in the field. There could

O'Reilly: Politics In America Getting Even More Bitter

Bill O'Reilly says Republicans will lose in 2014 and 2016 if the party remains divided.

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