Krauthammer: "We Could Be Looking At The Collapse Of American Liberalism"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I've been attacked a lot over 30 years. You know, if that -- I would be out of the arena if I was in support of them. And I understand people who said this is a time when you want to stand up. I thought it was the wrong tactic at the wrong time. Look, what we have as you mentioned in the opening, we have not just Obamacare unraveling, not just the Obama administration unraveling, not just the Democratic majority in the Senate [unraveling], but we could be looking at the collapse of American liberalism. Obamacare is the big thing for them, the biggest in 100 years. And this is a moment when we have to be calm. We have to understand what holds us together on the right. We have to watch and explain why the failure of the left is happening. And if we do that, we will win.

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