November 12, 2013 Archives

November 12, 2013 Archives

Krauthammer: "We Could Be Looking At The Collapse Of American Liberalism"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I've been attacked a lot over 30 years. You know, if that -- I would be out of the arena if I was in support of them. And I understand people who said this is a time when you want to stand up. I thought it was the wrong tactic at the wrong time. Look, what we have as you mentioned in the opening, we have not just Obamacare unra

Carney On "Keep Your Plan" Bills: "Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water"

ALEXIS SIMENDINGER, RCP: Jay, can I just follow up on what we were just talking about? Because you are addressing the legislation, can you clarify the president is saying that Senator Landrieu's approach and Congressman Upton's approach, which is gaining some Democratic sponsors, is in his view the wrong approach to resolve the problem of those who

Carville vs. Megyn Kelly: "People Lose Their Insurance All The Time"

MEGYN KELLY: They're going to look for fixes, which one trial balloon floated we believe to The Huffington Post was perhaps there will be premium subsidies, which will require Congressional approval, which most people believe will not happen. But my question is, why would Bill Clinton weigh in on this? And would he make a speculation for hi

Karl To Carney: Will Number Of Obamacare Enrollees Be Lower Than Cancellations?

JON KARL, ABC NEWS: Is the number of people who enroll going to be lower than those who have been receiving cancellation notices? JAY CARNEY: Jon, I would simply ask you to wait until the data are released. I think it's fair to say that the enrollment figures will be low and were going to be low anyway. They will be significantly lower because o

Carney: Obama Agrees With Clinton, "Looking At Range Of Options" To Improve Obamacare

JULIE PACE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: I wanted to get your reaction to a comment that President Clinton made in an interview that was posted today. He was talking about health care, he said, President Obama should

Carney: Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Will Be Low And "As Accurate As Possible"

JIM ACOSTA, CNN: On the enrollment numbers, is the administration confident that those numbers will be accurate given all the problems with the insurers being able to sort through the data and figure out which applications are correct and properly submitted and so forth? JAY CARNEY: I know that they are going to work very hard over at CMS and HH

Obamacare Architect: People Were Supposed To Switch To Obamacare On Their Own, Not Get Kicked Off

MEGYN KELLY: Let me ask you this because you were there. It's so hard to find people who were actually there when the law was being debated and shaped and so on. And I want to ask you about what's become the most controversial thing we've seen so far and that is these mass -- millions of cancelations in the individual insurance market. Was that for

Limbaugh: "Obama Agrees With Clinton, That That Guy Obama Ought To Keep His Promise"

CARNEY: As you saw the president say in an interview with NBC last week, the answer is, yes, the president has tasked his team with looking at a range of options, as he said, to make sure that nobody is put in a position where their plans have been canceled and they can’t afford a better plan even though they’d like to have a better plan.

Sarah Palin: Chris Christie's Weight An Issue Because It's "Extreme"

SARAH PALIN: Yeah, Hillary Clinton was mistreated when it came to appearances, when it came to wardrobe -- you know, petty, superficial things that men don't ever seem to hear much about, but a woman candidate will. JAKE TAPPER: Governor Christie hears about his appearance. PALIN: That's because it's been extreme, okay? It's hard for some peo

Bill Clinton: Obama "Should Honor The Commitment" To Let People Keep Plans

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: I met a young man just this week who has a family, two children, bought in the individual market place. His policy was canceled and the one that was substituted for it doubled his premiums. Now, I ask him, same coverage? And he says yes. But I said, are your co-pays and deductibles the same? He said, no, they are much, much

Bob Costas: I Wouldn't Let My Son Play Football

BOB COSTAS: I’d tell them no. I’d tell them no. I know that goes viral tomorrow. I might say — and you know what I know many many thoughtful people who have been involved in football their entire life, coaches players who belie the stereotype of what we’ve got or think we’ve got coming out of the Dolphins locker room, very thoughtful peop

Sen. Durbin: Obamacare Promise "Should Have Been Clarified"

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, CNN: You know, Senator Durbin, we traffic a lot of comments that come in and out of our news channel daily. So many critics have said President Obama lied. I mean they're using the "L" word liberally to say he lied, this whole idea that you can keep your health insurance if you like it. Did he lie, or was this a colossal mistake?

RCP's Tom Bevan On Troubled Obamacare Rollout

RealClearPolitics Co-Founder and Executive Editor Tom Bevan discusses the rollout of the president's health care law with Gretchen Carlson on FOX News.

Dem Congressman: Obama "Was Grossly Misleading To The American Public"

"I think the president was grossly misleading to the American public. I know right away as a veterinarian, I have my own business, that my policies got cancelled even before the Affordable Care Act. I know that I would change policies on a regular basis, trying to find the best deal for myself and my employees. But a lot of Americans, a lot of Oreg

Jon Stewart Rips "60 Minutes" For Benghazi Correction, TIME For Calling Christie Fat

Daily Show: Time Magazine doubles down on its implicit link between Chris Christie and the largest land mammal in existence.

Joan Walsh: Sarah Palin Is Part Of The "White Grievance Industry"

Joan Walsh says Sarah Palin comparing the national debt to slavery is feeding the "white grievance industry." JOAN WALSH: When you're tempted to preface something by saying this isn't racist, maybe you should probably check yourself because it probably is. And second of all, she put on a clinic in white privilege, really, becaus

O'Donnell: Obamacare's "Dirty Little Secret" Is The Individual Mandate Is Unenforceable

MSNBC: In the Rewrite, Lawrence O’Donnell talks about the importance of the New York Times revealing the “dirty little secret” of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. New York Times: But there is also the dirty litt

O'Reilly: The Obsession With Obamacare

FOX News: Obamacare has been littered with problems since its rollout. Computer glitches, low enrollment numbers and now hidden video shows Obamacare navigators telling a man to lie when submitting his health history.

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