Krauthammer: Obamacare Crafted In A Way To "Maximize Number Of People Who Would Lose Insurance"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, this is the Gulf oil spill -- drip, drip, drip -- and the president being utterly helpless. Except that Obama is the one who drilled the well. And this is not outside of him -- this is his doing, his signature achievement. I think as damaging as the website problems are, I think much more damaging is what his numbers are with people rating him on job approval and whether they have a favorable opinion of him.

It has dropped like a stone, and the reason is he was caught in an obvious deception. The one thing he did in the interview last week that I think was not picked up on is the fact that he compounded it when he said, 'Oh, we're really sorry about all those people who lost their insurance.' It's because they didn't craft the law appropriately. That is precisely opposite of the truth. He's done it again.

All you had to do to craft the law appropriately is to have a line that would say, 'anybody who has insurance and likes it will get to keep it.' That's no crafting at all. They crafted the law precisely in a complicated way in order to maximize the number of people who would lose insurance. So, it's only if you had insurance before March of 2010. And even if you did, if there was any change in your insurance in the three-and-a-half-years in between, say a $5 increase in your co-pay, that would throw you into the pool of people who would lose insurance.

So, the crafting was done precisely to throw people off of insurance and the president said exactly the opposite. This is one deception after another and if it turns out that they can't get the website up by the end of the month, that's going to be another -- it's not going to be called a deception -- but that's going to be another announcement, another pledge or promise that is unfulfilled. And that, I think, is the real undoable damage, it's to the president himself.

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