Buchanan: If Obamacare Voids 76 Million Plans, There Will Be "Guillotines Set Up In Farragut Square"


JOHN McLAUGHLIN: Question. Do either of these bills (Obamacare reform) stand a chance of pass Congress? And if one does reach the president's desk, will the president veto it? I ask you, Pat.

PAT BUCHANAN: If the president is not in on, he will veto it. But I don't think it's going to reach the president's desk, to be very honest. Mary Landrieu, herself, repeated that you can keep your healthcare plan and that's being used against her. I think this is a defensive move. But, John, let me just say one point. If there is anything like 76 million healthcare plans voided, not only is Obamacare dead, there’s going to be guillotines set up at Farragut Square.

ELEANOR CLIFT: Dream on, Pat.

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