Maher: Media Needs To Do Better Job Of Reporting How Great Obamacare Is


BILL MAHER: I want to talk a little about the media's coverage of this because I saw Sean Hannity last week, had three couples on whose life was ruined by Obamacare. But they never bothered -- now, part of this is the website doesn't work. They never really bothered to check out their options, so Salon's Eric Stern helped them out.

It turns out, two of the couples got a plan that was 60% cheaper and better. And the other one, they were worried that they were going to have to pay because they had a business. They had 4 employees and it doesn't even affect you unless you have 49, I think, employees.

Mitt Romney was on Meet the Press. He said, 'state's should be able to craft their own plans to make sure that all their citizens are insured and to mark sure that pre-existing conditions are covered.' Of course that is already in Obamacare. But David Gregory just sat there, doing his nails. I don't know why -- I know that the media is covering the horserace than the policy part of it, but couldn't we ask them to do a little bit better job of getting the information out to people? (HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, November 8, 2013)

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