George Will: Besides Nixon, Has There Ever Been A Worst First Year Of A Second Term?


GEORGE WILL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it is one thing for Bill Clinton to say, I feel your pain. It is another thing for Barack Obama to say I feel your pain that I have caused. And for him to say it was caused by a situation, that's the word he used in the operative sentence, we, this week, marked the one year anniversary of his re- election. Has there ever, with the exception of Richard Nixon in 1973 been a worst first year of a second term?

A Pew survey this week is, approval of his performance on health care -- health care is his signature issue, disapproval 59 percent. That is a little bit less of the 60 percent disapproval on immigration and 65 percent on the economy. And now the Democrats are going to get to vote on some things, maybe. Or at least Mr. Reid will have to stop them in the Senate. Here is, for example, the If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It Act from Senator Ron Johnson. It is four pages long, which makes it 902 pages shorter than the patient protection on Affordable Care Act. And these are opportunities for discomfort for the supporters of the Affordable Care Act.

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