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November 10, 2013 Archives

George Will: Besides Nixon, Has There Ever Been A Worst First Year Of A Second Term?

GEORGE WILL, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it is one thing for Bill Clinton to say, I feel your pain. It is another thing for Barack Obama to say I feel your pain that I have caused. And for him to say it was caused by a situation, that's the word he used in the operative sentence, we, this week, marked the one year anniversary of his re- election. H

Wasserman Schultz: "Democratic Candidates Will Be Able To Run On Obamacare As An Advantage"

CANDY CROWLEY: If you look at 2014, if you look at this through the prism of 2014, you don't think that Obamacare will weigh heavily on Democratic elections? DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I think Obamacare, because Americans have been feeling the benefits since 2010, where young adults can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26, where on

Bill Maher To Anthony Weiner: "It Wasn't That Awful What You Did"

On the Friday broadcast of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher told Anthony Weiner what he did "wasn't that awful" and that the country "needs to grow up." Maher lamented that the Democratic party has lost "too much talent" due to sex scandals. "Look at the number of talented political people that we have lost," Maher said. "Spitzer, Weiner,

Maher: Media Needs To Do Better Job Of Reporting How Great Obamacare Is

BILL MAHER: I want to talk a little about the media's coverage of this because I saw Sean Hannity last week, had three couples on whose life was ruined by Obamacare. But they never bothered -- now, part of this is the website doesn't work. They never really bothered to check out their options, so Salon's Eric Stern helped them out. It turns out,

Buchanan: If Obamacare Voids 76 Million Plans, There Will Be "Guillotines Set Up In Farragut Square"

JOHN McLAUGHLIN: Question. Do either of these bills (Obamacare reform) stand a chance of pass Congress? And if one does reach the president's desk, will the president veto it? I ask you, Pat. PAT BUCHANAN: If the president is not in on, he will veto it. But I don't think it's going to reach the president's desk, to be very honest. Mary Landrieu,

Hume On Obama: "About As Much Of An Apology As We Could Ever Get" From Him

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: I think it is about as much of an apology as we could ever get from the president. He's not given to that sort of thing, so we should take it and accept it as far as it goes. I don't think it solves the problem. The problem is that the chickens that were in this bill from the get go are now coming ho

The McLaughlin Group: Christie & GOP Field In 2016, Cuccinelli, Obamacare & Iraq

Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Susan Ferrechio and Mort Zuckerman discuss.

Christie: Nobody Should "Give A Darn About" Political Advice From Romney Campaign

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You're also in the news this week because of this book "Double Down" about the 2012 campaign. And one of the authors, John Heilemann, is on our roundtable. Extensive section on the Romney vice presidential search process. They leaked your file. Never seen that happen before. And had concerns about a number of things in your b

Christie: Obama's "Biggest Problem Right Now Is He's Got To Tell The Truth"

STEPHANOPOULOS: There's also been a lot of questions about the president's health care plan. You called on him to apologize this week. He seemed to take your advice, a couple of days later he did apologize for people who were getting their health plans canceled. What should he do next? Are you for delay in further implementation of the law? C

Maher On Obama's Obamacare Promise: "He Didn't Lie, He Evolved On Honesty"

Bill Maher jokes that President Obama didn't "lie" about his promise that people wouldn't lose their health plan if they like it, but that he "evolved." Maher also noted the amount of people who get government healthcare and, perhaps unintentionally, pointed out that "regular people" get discriminated against. "When you think about all the pe

Woodward: White House Blames Me For Making Case Obama Has Failed To Lead

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: You concluded in your book "The Price of Politics" that President Obama in the great budget battle had failed to lead. Now we're hearing that he failed to lead on NSA foreign surveillance, didn't know the details. We're hearing that he failed to lead on the ObamaCare rollout, didn’t know about the technical problems. Has i

Rick Perry On The Tea Party: "If You Can't Win Elections, You Can't Govern"

JEFF ZELENY, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well, governor, thank you very much for joining us. I want to show you a copy of this week's Time magazine. Chris Christie had a big win in a blue state. Was his win impressive? GOV. RICK PERRY: Yes. Absolutely it was an impressive victory. ZELENY: Is Chris Christie a true conservative governor? PERR

"60 Minutes" Issues Correction, Apologizes For Erroneous Report On Benghazi

CBS NEWS: Lara Logan issues a correction on a story 60 Minutes broadcast on Oct. 27 about the attack on the American Special Mission compound in Benghazi, in which Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed. According to Logan, CBS News was misled by Dylan Davies, a British contractor who claimed to have been present at the Amer

"This Week" Roundtable: 2016 GOP Primary, Christie Scrutiny, Tea Party, Obama's Apology

Rep. Keith Ellison, Cokie Roberts, Paul Gigot, John Heilemann, and Ana Navarro.

"Meet The Press" Roundtable: Future Of GOP, Party Infighting, Obama's Apology

Joe Scarborough, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) and Mark Halperin.

Obama: "I Wanted To Go In And Fix It Myself, But I Don't Write Code"

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now, we've had this problem with the website. I'm not happy about that, but we're working overtime to make sure that it gets fixed because right now we've put in place a system, a marketplace where people can get affordable health care plans. I promise you, nobody has been more frustrated. I wanted to go in and fix it myself, but I

"Face The Nation" Panel: Is The Credibility Of Obama's Presidency On The Line?

CBS News: Amy Walter, John Dickerson, Phil Musser, and Stephanie Cutter discuss the Obamacare rollout, the Virginia governor's race, Gov. Chris Christie's potential presidential bid, and more.

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