David Gregory: Media Would Have Never Let Bush Get Away With Just An Apology


NICOLE WALLACE: It's hard for a human being to say they're sorry. And it brought me right back to 2005, when public support for the Iraq War was really at a very low point, and we were desperate for the president to regain credibility among wide numbers of the American people. And he gave a speech where he acknowledged mistakes, on the diplomatic front, on the military front. And it really succeeded in, sort of, restoring ability to communicate.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I know you love George W. Bush, and you talk about it, but would George Bush ever have used the words, "I'm sorry"?

WALLACE: I don't know, but I'm very impressed by what President Obama did, it allows him to turn the page.

DAVID GREGORY: President Bush deliberately did not apologize for things and that’s because advisers around him, including those there, felt that the press corps would jump on that and jump down his throat in a way that he couldn’t recover from, so, especially about the war, he was very careful on that line. I felt President Obama was a little bit careful here as well. There was an apology, but I still think he was careful in how he issued it, it was a little bit different from how he handled, back in the beginning of his administration, when Tom Daschle got into confirmation trouble. He said, we screwed up, we made a mistake, it's on me. Let's try to move on. I think he's still caught in a little bit in trying to fight out of healthcare as being under this kind of fire.

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