Obama: "This Is Like Having A Really Good Product And The Cash Registers Don't Work"


PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now, I am the first to say that the first month I have not been happy with. You've all heard about the website woes. Nothing drives me more crazy than the fact that right now, there is great insurance to be had out there -- choice and competition -- where people can save money for a better product, except too many folks have not been able to get through the website.

Now, this is like having a really good product in the store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't enough parking spots and nobody can get through the door. And so we are working overtime to get this fixed. And the website is already better than it was at the beginning of October. And by the end of this month, we are anticipating it will be working the way it is supposed to. Alright? Folks are working 24/7 to make sure that happens.

But, remember, the insurance is already there. And if people can't get through to the website, they can get on the phone to the call center and people can take their application and walk them through the process. And people can apply in person if they've got committed folks who are out there helping people to sign up. And that is what all of you have been committed to doing. It is so important. (Dallas, Texas, November 6, 2013)

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