Rubio: "We Need To Understand That Some Of These Races Don't Apply To Future Races"


DANA BASH, CNN: Is Chris Christie a viable candidate for president in 2016?

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): Well, I always shy away from all the speculation. That's a decision he has to make. He's certainly a governor that's been re-elected in a big state that gets a lot of attention. That alone --

BASH: Would he be a tough competitor?

RUBIO: Oh, he's a tough competitor no matter what he decides to do. And I like Chris Christie. I have a pretty good relationship with him. And I congratulate him on his win.

But I think it's important, I know everyone wants to jump to what it means for the future, because that's what political reporters do, but I think we need to understand that some of these races don't apply to future races. Every race is different. It has a different set of factors.

But I congratulate him on his win. We need as many governors as we can get.

BASH: But are you saying that his win in a blue state like New Jersey wouldn't translate to more of a red state or more of a swing state?

RUBIO: Well, every -- look, every election is different. I think what would translate across the country is a message that goes to people and says this, look, we know you're struggling, we know you're trying to get ahead. You're doing everything that's been asked of you and yet your life doesn't seem to be getting better. The only way we're going to make it better is if we abandon the policies of big government and embrace free enterprise and limited government.

I think Chris Christie is trying to make that argument in New Jersey. I think Ken Cuccinelli made that argument in Virginia. It worked in one place. It didn't in another because of factors particular to those states. But on a national level, I think that's a winning argument no matter who our nominee is in 2016 and certainly for our candidates running in 2014.

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