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David Brooks: "Republican Party Doesn't Seem To Be Aware" That Women Can Vote

MARK SHIELDS: In the 21st century, with a larger pool -- and Terry McAuliffe is a very good party chairman, let me tell you. He was an excellent party chairman.

But the key about Virginia is this. We're talking about, is it blue, red? In the last two national elections, Judy, Virginia is the only state that has voted exactly the way the nation did. It voted 53 percent to 46 percent for Barack Obama in '08. It's voted 51 percent to 47 percent for him in '12.

Thirteen out of the last 14 prior to that, it had voted Republican. The only time it voted Democrat was for -- Democratic was for Lyndon Johnson in 1964, when every place -- so it's been -- and it's a state that had two Republican senators, George Allen and John Warner. Now it has two Democratic senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

It's become, I think, a bluer state. And Ken Cuccinelli I don't think is the kind of Republican right now who can win it. And his -- Kwame's point is right. Robert Sarvis, the libertarian, complicates his life. And if, in fact, what happens -- and he has to hope -- the Cuccinelli folks have to hope that the third party usually does better in the polls than it does on Election Day.

When people say, well, I have got to make a choice between these two leading candidates, he has got to hope that Sarvis voters say, well, Cuccinelli is the best chance.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Do you look for national lessons here?



If Mark's going with Darwin, I'm going with the suffragette movements.


DAVID BROOKS: Women actually can vote now. It's been 100 years or so, a little longer.

Women have the vote. And the Republican Party doesn't seem to be aware of that. If you look at...

JUDY WOODRUFF: Actually, not quite a hundred years, but who's counting?


DAVID BROOKS: OK. Roughly 100 years.


DAVID BROOKS: Thank you for saving me from 1,000 letters from angry suffragettes all over the country.


MARK SHIELDS: The truth is, it's 93.

DAVID BROOKS: OK. So, that's rough.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Thank you. We have got that straight.




So, the fact is that he's doing terribly among women. And the Republican Party has become more and more a white male party. And this is another sign of that. Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics did a very good analysis of where the vote have moved. His argument is not so much because of the government shutdown. It's not even changing demographics.

The Republicans have done quite well in the governor's races not too long ago, but just getting clobbered on gender issues, contraception issues and particularly on stridency. He's not only taking these positions, which other Republicans have won on. He's taken them in a very hard-line, strident manner. He's campaigned in a more strident manner. And it's just done him a disservice and opened up this gigantic gender gap.

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