Krauthammer On Obamacare: "This Program Is Doing The Exact Opposite Of What It Was Intended"


CHRIS WALLACE: How does this play out over the next few weeks and months?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It gets worse. As long as the exchanges are down, all you're getting are stories of people losing insurance and practically no one gaining insurance. This is a program that's doing the opposite of what it was intended --

WALLACE: The website on November 30th. Jeff Zients is right. All of these extra tech people come in and the exchanges are working like Amazon.

KRAUTHAMMER: If the exchanges are working right and you still have the incentive structure -- if you are young and healthy, which is what the system needs, there's no logic in joining and paying what would be essentially twice what you pay today under actuarial requirements because the Congress and the law arbitrarily essentially doubles what the young healthies are paying.

If they don't join, you get the death spiral. Which means you only have the very sick in the program and you don't have the ones who subsidize it with premiums that are essentially overpayments. In the absence of that, the insurers are going to have to increase their premiums [which] reduces further the incentive and you get a system that cannot sustain itself economically. And it collapses.

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