Sean Penn: Ted Cruz Is Mentally Ill And Should Be Committed


PIERS MORGAN, CNN: What do you feel about your polarizing reputation? You didn't have to do any of this political stuff, you didn't have to be an activist in any way but you did. But when you do that and I've known many actors who they will not talk about politics at all. Because they don't want to be polarizing.

SEAN PENN: It is funny. Because what you were talking about before we went to the break, you know, I, I was in Port-au-Prince when the shutdown happened. And, and I said to people -- they need, I had stuff that it was demanding on me in Port-au-Prince but I, I had to come home, listen I, I have to leave Haiti now because I have to travel to the third world county that I come from.

You have been, you know, this I think, you know, on the forefront of this gun thing. All of these things and this is also where you get in people of - who think these things. I think for let's, let's go to the tea party at influence on Congress on this thing.

I think they have -- there's a mental health problem in Congress. This would be solved by committing them by executive order, I think. Because these our American brothers and sisters, we shouldn't be criticizing them attacking that we should take their -- this is a cry for help.

MORGAN: You literally commit what ...

PENN: I think ...

MORGAN: ... people like Ted Cruz?

PENN: He is, he is my American brother. I won't - I think we should take care of him, he is in, he's the trouble.

MORGAN: Well, actually have him committed.

PENN: Yeah, I thinks it's a good idea. But then you look at, you know, the -- look, there's a lot of reason to take a shot at me and I'm giving people a lot reason to over the years. But the thing you're talking about and, and the way peoples perception of political positions are, is a direct reaction to their lack of, of their education which is a huge problem that we're dealing with in the country.

And between of an uneducated people and the solipsism of people like Ted Cruz and their party. It's a poisonous thing and these things with what we talked about with, you know, this is why this period of time, this is one of the things that's so fascinating to me in Haiti. Here's this country with -- where we have it all, we have it all to make it great and we find ways from self-destructing and by, you know, saying nasty things about each other and being crazy and yet here's Haiti. This country never had anything.

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