Ronan Farrow: The Clintons "Represent A Style Of Honesty That The Public Craves"


RONAN FARROW, MSNBC: They're nimble politicians. Also, I think that they represent a style of honesty that the public craves right now and that's reflected in the numbers. I think that people are tired of the old school politicking and when a politician comes out and says, 'Actually, I changed my mind. I've evolved on this issue,' that's something people are willing to embrace. You know, Clinton has shown that, as you said, on a variety of social issues that matter to young voters and for whom, you know, other politicians that have remained stuck in the past have become a source of alienation.

He's also done it on a variety of other issues including healthcare. I mean, let's not forget that it was a watershed moment when Bill Clinton came out and gave his seminal remarks on healthcare at the convention. Those are remarks that he struck through the written remarks on and ad-libbed a lot of. That shows the style of communication he has and one of the reasons why these stops are so significant. He represents something that people still connect with in a very primal way.

Farrow, 25, will host a weekday show on MSNBC beginning in early 2014.

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