Chuck Todd: Obama Made Promises He Hoped Insurance Companies Would Keep


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Chuck Todd, the sticker shock story out of L.A., in the L.A. Times. Man, that's more damning to this administration and supporters of ACA than these website snafus. That’s just an embarrassment, but you stack that with the president's assurances not being true. This is a problem for the White House. What do they do?

CHUCK TODD: They put themselves in the companies. They were making promises that they were hoping the insurance companies were going to keep. But when you think about that initial statement, and at the time all of us said we're highly skeptical of how he can make that promise because let's look -- let's look at our own company. We can't decide to keep our health care if Comcast decides to change health plans. Okay. We can't. We’ll get a choice. We’ll get a, maybe an A, B, or C. So when the president said it, he was basically only people on Medicare, Tricare, or Medicaid.

SCARBOROUGH: The bigger part of the story is damaging part is Lisa Myers is reporting that the president was saying things that he knew.

CHUCK TODD: I never understood why he said if you like your health care plan you can keep it because he was relying somehow on the insurance companies to keep this promise.

SCARBOROUGH: No, no, no. Lisa Myers reported that he knew that he was not telling the truth. And he said it at the State of the Union address; he said it in 2012, based on the NBC news investigation the president knew he was telling deliberate untruths. And how do they get around that?

CHUCK TODD: Well, I don't know how they get around this but I go back to this other, this other issue, is they put their fate in the hands of the insurance companies. Let's talk about the sticker shock. Okay. So the administration passes a law that says you have to have a baseline. Did they not think the insurance companies weren't going to raise their premiums to cover the new floor–

MIKA: Or upgrade.

CHUCK TODD: The upgrade, and that's what's going on. You have these people getting letters; some people are referring to them as cancellation letters. They are not cancellation letters. But they are being told, hey guess what? Your insurance does not qualify to these new standards, so you're going to pay more to meet these new standards. Again, this goes to making promises you couldn't keep and goes even worse, Lisa's report which says they knew this wasn't going to be case for a large number of people. I don’t get it.

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