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Sen. Graham Vows To Block Appointments Over Benghazi

"I'm going to block every appointment in the United States Senate until the survivors are being made available to Congress," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Monday on "FOX & Friends". "I'm tired of hearing from people on TV and reading about stuff in books. We need to get to the bottom of this. And to my House colleagues, Darrell Issa has done a great job, to Speaker Boehner, please for God's sake form a joint committee to get away from this blame game and find out exactly what happened. And where was Hillary Clinton during all these multiple requests for security? And you could see this attack a long time in the making according to the people on the ground in Libya. Well, why couldn't you see it in Washington? And who the hell told Susan Rice this story about a protest gone bad, and who told the president there was no evidence of a pre-planned terrorist attack in light of all this information? We're just beginning on Benghazi, and, to the families, we're not going to let this go. Congress needs to up its game."

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