George Will: "Of Course I Want Obamacare To Fail"


GEORGE WILL: In fact, what they're trying to do is micromanage one sixth of the American economy. And what we have learned throughout the twentieth century was that the micromanagement, the central planning, of complex societies doesn’t work. I want to assure brother [Juan] Williams that there is no schadenfreude here, because I’m not even pretending to be sorry.

Of course I want Obamacare to fail, because if it doesn't fail, it will just further entangle American society with a government that is not up to this. For one hundred years now, the narrative of progressivism —from Woodrow Wilson on – has been, progress will come, if, but only if, we concentrate more and more power in Washington, and more and more power in Washington power in the executive branch, and more and more executive branch power in the hands of experts – disinterested experts – such as those who designed

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