Dean: Obamacare Is Going To Be Reason Dems "Pick Up Seats In The House"


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: If your insurance plan conforms with the requirements of Obamacare you don't have to go to the exchanges.

BILL KRISTOL: Which very, very few, almost no, about 15% of individually purchased self-insurance plans do. And why is that? It was a free market. If people wanted to buy all those benefits they could have.

HOWARD DEAN: No, no, no. We kicked all those people out of our state when we did this, and it was a good thing we did because they were taking 50% of every premium dollar and keeping it for themselves.

What this is doing is driving the fly-by-night insurance companies out of the market or forcing the good ones who have bad policies--

KRISTOL: Wait, wait, wait, so when Blue Shield drops, when Blue Shield and these huge companies drop 300,000 people in Florida, those are fly-by-night insurance companies?

DEAN: First of all, Blue Shield is for profit so it's Anthem I'm sure in Florida especially. Second of all, yeah, even good companies have crappy policies with enormous deductibles.

KRISTOL: But the government, but the government, that's going to be great.

DEAN: The government has a right to make sure that when you buy something it is what it's supposed to be.

KRISTOL: And to force you into the exchange? That's what they're doing.

DEAN: I think that's okay because I think in the long run, what's been happening in the past is those policies that get sold don't cover what you think they cover. And furthermore, and this used to happen when I was practicing, an insurance company would pull your insurance if you got sick. That is not allowed anymore under Obamacare.

I think Obamacare is in fact going to be the reason that we are going to pick up seats in the House and we are not going to lose the Senate.

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