Axelrod: "The Vast Majority Of People In This Country Are Keeping Their Plan"


DAVID AXELROD: Most, most people are going to keep their own plan, Senator, and you know that. There were some plans, there were some plans -- the head of Blue Cross in Florida was on television yesterday and said there was a small number of people in his state that were going to be transferred to plans that have a higher quality and most of them will be subsidized and will end up paying less for those plans.

The majority of people in this country, the vast majority of people in this country are keeping their plan. People who are uninsured are going to have choices they never had before. And as for government -- and there are private carriers, their insurance is not going to be with the government. Their insurance is going to be with private carriers. So let's be straight about that.

Now, in terms of the government getting involved in health care, you know, nobody is suggesting that we should disband Medicare although we heard many of the same complaints about Medicare, back in the day when Medicare was being implemented.

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