Carney to Jon Karl: "Good Reporters" Have Been Reporting On Obamacare Success Stories


JON KARL, ABC NEWS: Because the contractors said they could have used more time. They only had two weeks to test this, and they could have used a few months to test it. So, I mean, if you could have had a smoother -- I mean, I’m just asking in hindsight -- you could have delayed this by a couple months, had it tested and maybe had a smooth rollout.

JAY CARNEY: Well, Jon, I think if you’re asking me do we wish that there had been a better and more effective website on October 1st -- absolutely. If you’re asking me, as was asked earlier, do we think it’s right and appropriate to ask Americans with preexisting conditions to wait longer for affordable health insurance, the answer is no.

KARL: No, I was asking if you wanted more time to get it right.

CARNEY: Here’s another fact that I understand is not often reported: People are enrolling every day, and they’ve been enrolling every day since October 1st.

KARL: But you won’t tell us how many. I mean, that would be great to know.

CARNEY: Well, good reporters out there across the country have been reporting on individuals who are getting and enrolling in health insurance. It’s a fact. And I know that every news organization here has done that, and that’s an important fact to report, in addition to the troubles that have been apparent on the website. So people have been getting into the system and out of the system since day one. The experience on has been far below the standards we expected, and that is why we are working every day to make the improvements that we’re making.

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