Carney vs. Ed Henry On Obamacare: "You Have Four Downs, Then You Get A First Down"


JAY CARNEY: The system was an inadequate website, anyway, on October 1st, unquestionably, and it still is not where it needs to be today by any means. But it is significantly better today than it was a week ago, and the week before that and certainly on October 1st. And that's the progress we're looking for. I think I used the go-to sports analogy that this is three yards and a cloud of dust every day. But that means moving forward, and that means improvements every day that will help Americans get the information they need so they can get the insurance they deserve.

ED HENRY: You punt after third down.

CARNEY: No, in fact, you have four downs.

HENRY: So, you're going for it?

CARNEY: Then you get a first down and then you score a touchdown.

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