George Will On Obamacare: "When They Fix The Website, Their Real Problems Will Begin"


GEORGE WILL: It is breaking and they're echoing what the president said with his body language and his action when he said the employer mandate is going to be delayed. From then on, we're all operating on the same premise, which is that the Affordable Care Act cannot be implemented as written. So now we're just arguing about the details. There's no great principle involved here.

So far as I can tell, what the administration is trying to do is sell something online and it can't do it. Get Jeff Bezos. He's bought the Washington Post, let him buy the Department of Health and Human Services. He knows how to do this. The difference is that people go to, a, voluntarily and, b, because they know what they want to buy. People go to because they're under government coercion and they're confronted with something that poll after poll indicates they don't want to buy. So the Bezos model, I'm afraid, won't work.


WILL: When they fix the website, their real problems will begin. They're going to look back on the last few weeks as the good old days. When people hack their way through the thicket of difficulties and get to the real choices that Obamacare offers, particularly the 2.7 million young people they're counting on to sign up and the young people say, 'this is awfully expensive for something I don't want,' and recoil, That is the difficulties today are actually keeping people from seeing the bad choice they're going to have to make once they get onto the site.

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