Carney: "The Affordable Care Act Is Not A Website"


QUESTION: What about getting specific information from your techs about what the problems are? You told us to talk to computer experts so that is what we are doing.

JAY CARNEY: That is a smart thing to do.

QUESTION: Is that unrealistic? Because if you're talking six months to a year, obviously that is going to affect the mandate, I would imagine.

CARNEY: Again, from day one people have been able to enroll. From day one. And that includes on As we have surged resources and brain power towards fixing the problems -- can I just finish? -- that arose, the experience on has incrementally improved and i think that has been acknowledged. So, from day one people have been able to use the site. The experiences have been unacceptably problematic. We are making changes every day and improvements every day to improve that experience so that more and more people can use it effectively, and we are making it clear that there are other ways to enroll, because the Affordable Care Act is not a website. It's not like creating protection on the web site would not deliver what the Affordable Care Act promises. What the Affordable Care Act  promises is a marketplace for insurance products that provide the insurance affordably to millions of Americans across the country who cannot get it otherwise.

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