Bob Shrum: When Obamacare Works It Will Be "Politically Untouchable"


MARTIN BASHIR: What do you make of this remarkable earth-shattering development from Bill Krystal today, the Republicans have suddenly decided to cover the 40-odd million people with health insurance?

BOB SHRUM: You notice he didn't say that. And actually, if he presented an alternative, I’m sure it would be something like health savings accounts, which differentially favor to an overwhelming degree wealthier people who already have health insurance. Look, the Republicans are afraid. 

BASHIR: So they would never be offering an alternative. 

SHRUM: No, they're not going to offer an alternative that's going to cover the 40 million people. And, in fact, the plan that was passed and that's in effect now is modeled on a plan that Mitt Romney negotiated with Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts and has elements of Republican ideas from the 1990s. These folks are obsessed with the glitches in the exchanges. And they're unforgivable on some level, but they're also understandable. This happened with the rollout of Medicare, although not because of computers. It happened with the rollout of the prescription drug benefit, which was a complete mess. It’s going to get fixed. And after it gets fixed, the volume of calls and of people trying to log into this tells you that people want this health insurance, they're going to get this health insurance. It’s going to become ultimately politically untouchable and the real people who are afraid are the Republicans. They’re afraid of when that happens.

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