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NPR's Mara Liasson To Carney: Will We Get Updates On Obamacare Like During Disasters?

MARA LIASSON: In the past, when you've had a natural disaster or an oil spill, generally there's someone in charge, and I guess Jeff Zients is going to be that person. Is he going to be taking over a kind of briefing role where he answers questions or...?

JAY CARNEY: Well, I think he's providing management advice and consultation, but for more details about his role, because he's being brought on by HHS, I would refer you to HHS. I don't think this is a manmade-- I don't think this is a natural disaster. 

LIASSON: Yeah. I know that. But what I'm saying is, in terms of... One of the frustrations has been, you know, it's hard to get information on what went wrong and what's being done to fix it, and there hasn't been a kind of daily update on that, from somebody who's well-versed in the technical aspects of this. But you don't anticipate...?

CARNEY: Beyond what I just confirmed and announced, I would refer you to those details about which, I would refer you to HHS. I'm sure they have other information about the efforts they're making, but that's the location of those efforts, and Jeff will be joining the existing team. 

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