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Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: Expanding Medicaid Will Benefit Ohio's Budget

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, former White House health policy advisor, talks with Rachel Maddow about the advantages to states that expand Medicaid and use Obamacare.

DR. EMANUEL: Most states, like Ohio, stand actually to benefit net-net on their budget from expanding Medicaid. And here's how that works, right now there's a hidden tax on states who have to provide health insurance to their state workers, their legislators or cabinet members. And in that money is money to pay for uninsured people who go to hospitals and youth services. That will decrease.

Similarly, most states have a way of compensating hospitals who take care of the uninsured for the expense. That will decrease if you have Medicaid. And the federal government's picking up 100% of the Medicaid bill for the first three years, then it drops down to 90%. So, it's estimated that more than $13 billion will go to Ohio, for example, and it will change their budget over the next ten years by about $2 billion added to their budget because of these decreases in state insurance expenses and support for hospitals. So, from a state budget perspective, this is a winner. So, it's economically rational to do, the only reason not to is ideology.

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