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Charlie Rose To Krauthammer: "Do You Think The Tea Party Needs Some Psychiatry?"

GAYLE KING: You talk in your book about your medical training in psychiatry and about the powerful – how powerful it can be – how powerful denial can be. Do you think that the GOP – Tea Party Republicans are in denial? (Rose and O'Donnell laugh)

ROSE: That's a good question.

KRAUTHAMMER: I try not to practice psychiatry-

KING: Anymore-

KRAUTHAMMER: On a party- (O'Donnell laughs)

KING: Oh, okay-

KRAUTHAMMER: I used to do it on individuals, and that was hard enough.

ROSE: (laughs) But do you think the party needs some psychiatry? (laughs)

KRAUTHAMMER: Use some psychiatry – but I'm actually a psychiatrist in remission right now, and I haven't had a relapse in 25 years. (Rose, O'Donnell, and King laugh) – still licensed, but I'm out of the business. Yeah – and I think denial is what you do for yourself, as a way to get through life. I'm not sure it's the way a party ought to get through politics. And the Republicans, right now, ought to get out of that mode and look at the reality. (via MRC)

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