October 22, 2013 Archives

October 22, 2013 Archives

Sen. Rand Paul: "Liberals Have No Idea How Capitalism Works"

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): Liberals have no idea how capitalism works. They have no idea why when you go to Wal-Mart products are cheap, how they get to one point from another and how they are distributed in such a cheap fashion. Imagine this, imagine if we took Obamacare and put it in Wal-Mart and you had a $10 co-pay and then you could fill a cart up

Sebelius: Obama Did Not Know About Obamacare Website Glitches

SANJAY GUPTA, CNN: Did you try signing on the site yourself? KATHLEEN SEBELIUS, HHS SECRETARY: I have created an account on the site. I have not tried signing up because I have insurance. GUPTA: Did you find it challenging? What did you think of it? SEBELIUS: Well, I think there certainly are some challenges. It could be smoother. It coul

CNBC Host: Can We Play Some "Mexican Music" While We Talk About Ted Cruz?

On the Tuesday broadcast of CNBC's Squawk Box, reporter Steve Liesman said the network should play "Mexican music" while it talks about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and September's jobs report. The report, which usually comes out on the first Friday of the following month, was delayed due to the government shutdown. Liesman, who usually takes the Ob

"Special Report" Gives Timeline For The Obamacare Website

FOX News' "Special Report" gives a timeline on who knew what when in regards to the Obamacare website.

Charlie Rose To Krauthammer: "Do You Think The Tea Party Needs Some Psychiatry?"

GAYLE KING: You talk in your book about your medical training in psychiatry and about the powerful – how powerful it can be – how powerful denial can be. Do you think that the GOP – Tea Party Republicans are in denial? (Rose and O'Donnell laugh) ROSE: That's a good question. KRAUTHAMMER: I try not to practice psychiatry- KING: Anymo

Warren Buffett: Obamacare Website "A Huge Screw Up"

“I like Kathleen, I feel sorry for her in the position she’s in,” Buffett said. “Obviously it’s a huge screw up, but it’ll get worked out.”

NPR's Mara Liasson To Carney: Will We Get Updates On Obamacare Like During Disasters?

MARA LIASSON: In the past, when you've had a natural disaster or an oil spill, generally there's someone in charge, and I guess Jeff Zients is going to be that person. Is he going to be taking over a kind of briefing role where he answers questions or...? JAY CARNEY: Well, I think he's providing management advice and consultation, but for more d

Carney Leaves Briefing Room Amid Questions About Obamacare

"Couldn't we just have a rep [from HHS] come to the press briefing," a reporter shouted as White House press secretary Jay Carney left the briefing.

AP Reporter Grills State Dept. Spokeswoman On Civilian Casualties Of Drone Strikes

MARIE HARF, STATE DEPT. DEPUTY SPOKESWOMAN: Can I finish my sentence before you ask a follow-up? MATT LEE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: Go ahead. MS. HARF: Thank you. What I am saying is that we have a variety of sources. Obviously, the intelligence community has all source analysts. They look at a variety of different sources when they make assessments

McCain On Another Senate Term: "Seriously Giving That A Lot Of Thought"

"I'm seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me in a few years from now," McCain said on KFYI-AM in Phoenix. "I'm seriously giving that a lot of thought." (via Washington Post)

Jon Stewart On Obamacare Rollout: "How Are Democrats Going To Spin This Turd?"

Daily Show: Even the photo op to address the poorly planned rollout of Obamacare suffered from a clear lack of planning.

Coulter: The Shutdown Was "Magnificent" And "Run Beautifully" By GOP

SEAN HANNITY: Isn't it true that only government can screw something up this bad? ANN COULTER: No, this is the conservatives' objection to the whole takeover of health care to begin with. It is a law of nature that everything run by the government will get more expensive and worse over time. Everything run by the private sector gets better and c

RCP's Tom Bevan Discusses The Future Of The GOP

RealClearPolitics executive editor Tom Bevan appeared on Chicago Tonight Monday night to discuss the aftermath of the government shutdown and how it affects the future of the GOP. He is joined by former congressman Joe Walsh, and chairman of the Illinois Republican Party Pa

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel: Expanding Medicaid Will Benefit Ohio's Budget

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, former White House health policy advisor, talks with Rachel Maddow about the advantages to states that expand Medicaid and use Obamacare. DR. EMANUEL: Most states, like Ohio, stand actually to benefit net-net on their budget from expanding Medicaid. And here's how that works, right now there's a hidden tax on sta

Special Report: Latest Updates On Virginia Governor's Race

Carl Cameron reports on the latest developments in Virginia’s governor race, including a recap of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s weekend stumping for Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe.

"Special Report" Panel: Can Obamacare Be Fixed?

Jonah Goldberg, Jim Engle, Pet Wehner, and Mara Liasson join Bret Baier to discuss the president's Rose Garden speech on Monday.

Dick Cheney: "The Extremist In Washington Is Barack Obama"

FMR VICE PRES. DICK CHENEY: I'm not unsympathetic to the frustration, I think, that's led many Americans to sign on for or become part of the tea party. I'm as frustrated as anybody else can be, but I think we have a situation where the circumstances in Washington, the inability and the unwillingness of the this administration to come to grips with

O'Reilly: Partisan Feelings Are So Bitter, Compromise Looks Impossible

O'REILLY: This is Mr. Obama's blind spot. He doesn't seem to believe that his administration should embrace high standards of competence. I mean we saw it in the military family debacle. Grieving Americans denied money because the President and the Secretary of Defense Hagel were not proactive in protecting them. We see it in the IRS investigation

O'Donnell: "Individual Mandate" Never Existed

The individual mandate has been a source of controversy ever since Obamacare passed in 2010. But there’s a truth about what the law really says that many in the Washington media don’t seem to know: it doesn't really exist. Yes, you are required to pay a fine, but if you don't, the IRS is forbidden from forcing you to or subjecting you to any pe

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