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Carney: Volume To Blame For Continuing Obamacare Website Problems

JAY CARNEY: I think it is absolutely accurate to say that the volume far exceeded our expectations, and that the volume has driven the problems that we've seen and exposed some of the problems that we now know about. No one would argue with the assertion that there was an underestimation of the kind of volume that we were going to see. Obviously that demonstrates the very important and real fact that millions of Americans are very interested in affordable health insurance that had not existed before, but it's also the case that the models that were in place that tested the wesbtie did not account for this type of volume, and that the volume that we saw instantly on the first day, and ever since, have both led to these problems and also exposed some of the glitches and kinks that the president talked about today, which is why we're taking the actions that we're taking today to improve the user experience.

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