Chris Matthews: I Feel "Group Pressure" At MSNBC To Be More Partisan


CHRIS MATTHEWS: I find the younger people coming to my network very self-confident -- I thought I was confident -- very self confident about their viewpoints, and believing, because they tend to be right, somebody wants to hear it. And they're usually right.

You know what I think it's like? The afternoon newspaper, which is gone. Which was the Star, the Philly Bulletin -- everybody reads The Bulletin -- I used to deliver it. You come home in the afternoon, on the train, and it was always the 50 guys on the train that read the same newspaper, and they get to the op-ed page and they're reading James J. Kilpatrick, or they're reading Doris Fleischman or somebody and they're reading opinions they want to hear. Or Buckley. So now, instead of reading the op-ed page in the afternoon newspaper, they're turning it on. And it's opinion.

And I'm watching FOX, will what's-her-name, Megyn Kelly, be able to stay in the middle? Or will she move over? Will she have to move over? And look at Greta [van Susteren]. Greta was more in the center left, now she's moved over. There's a lot of group pressure in those places, in any place you work.


MATTHEWS: Oh, I feel it. I think it's there. I mean, I think you know your audience, who you're talking to. I always know who I'm talking to. But I always want to --

KING: Are you preaching to the choir?

MATTHEWS: I always want to keep a chunk of Republicans as well as Democrats. And I want to -- do I preach to the choir? No, I say what I feel like saying. I type the beginning of the show around 4:20, before I tape at 5 -- I write the end of the show, so I do two opinionated parts of the show. The questions, our producers all work on. But, you know, I like to stimulate discussion.

I have a point of view. I mean, like you were always a big fan of [Mario] Cuomo's, but you never said it.

KING: Correct.

MATTHEWS: But I am a big fan of Obama's, and I say it. That's what's changed. (Larry King Now, Ora.TV)

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