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Chris Matthews: Does Tea Party Still Count Blacks As Three-Fifths?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think immigration's going to be tough, the president's got a credibility problem. The Democrats -- nobody really believes Democrats believe in enforcement. They know they've done some tough stuff with deportations, but over and over time, we saw the failure last time in 1986, when they never enforced the bill. So he needs to work on that. I think what it did today, what I really liked about the speech was he put the fact there of the cost of this thing.

It wasn't street theater, it wasn't without cost, it wasn't just showing off, it was hurting the country. And then he said we're going to have to change the way we do business. It's not about values, it's not about philosophy or partisanship, they're all good, it's how we run our country. It's tactics. And respect.

And what the right --that small part of the Republican Party, maybe a third of it -- was willing to do. To show no respect for who's president, or the voters that elected him. And they have this weird "we" they refer to. "We" the American people. Why does a group of people that always loses elections, or tends to do lately, we do they call themselves the American people? Do they still count blacks as three-fifths of a vote? Is that the way they count it? Because, seriously, why do you say "We, the American people" when the president keeps getting reelected? And you keep saying, "oh, we don't like him!" How does that work? How do they vote for him?

So there's this "we" I'm worried about, like we're more American than the rest, so we should get a higher weighting to who we are? I think it's dangerous, and it goes with the birther stuff and all the rest of it.

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