Will: Budget Argument Has Shifted In GOP's Favor Because Of Sequester


GEORGE WILL: Republicans now feel embattled whereas in fact they should feel empowered. Three years ago, we were talking about the Simpson-Bowles approach. The framework was going to be, cut some entitlements or cut the growth of entitlements in exchange for tax increases. Now the argument has shifted radically in Republicans' favor because of the sequester. Now it is, we will lighten up perhaps on the sequester caps, giving Democrats billions to spend now in exchange for trillions cut in the out years. Jeb Hensarling, wonderful congressman from Dallas, head of the Financial Services Committee, says Republicans today, without either the White House or the Senate, have been more successful because of the sequester in bending the cost curve of government than Republicans were when Bush was president and for 4 1/2 years they had all three locuses of power.

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