Pelosi: Watching Harry Reid "Was Like Watching A Master At Work"


REP. NANCY PELOSI: It’s going to pass in the Senate. We’re going to pass it in the House. I can't believe that many Republicans will vote against opening government and lifting the debt ceiling, but we'll see. We’ll see in a few hours or maybe tomorrow morning. But whatever it is, we have to use it as a template on how we go forward, recognizing that this was an opportunity cost of time. We could have been talking about jobs, farm bill, immigration, any number of issues that need to be addressed. And I commend the speaker for coming around to bringing it to the floor. I salute -- I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did. To watch him was to watch a master at work. He was superb, intellectually, politically astute. Just the sheer stamina of it all. It’s a sign of the respect that his members have for him.

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