Paul Begala: "Ted Cruz Is A Big Winner"


PAUL BEGALA: Ted Cruz is a big winner. The Republican brand is weighed down, but the Cruz brand is way up. I'm from Texas, I grew up there and I talked to friends today, and the business community is furious. Business Republicans are furious, but the grassroots loves this. And we'll know soon. We'll see. I bet you'll see invitations rolling in to Senator Cruz to come to the Reagan day dinner in one state and the Lincoln day dinner in another state, and whatever Republican -- he's going to be a huge draw. I think this is a big win.

So, the lesson that he takes from this, I suspect is, I'm bigger than the party. The Democrats take the opposite lesson, which is when we all stick together, it actually works out well for all of us. But I think the fracturing may continue and I think that Cruz is going to be inflated by this.

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