Krauthammer: Obama Never Cared About Debt, His "Priority Is To Increase Entitlements"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The fundamental issue has always been Obama has no interest in reducing the debt and the deficit. That's never been a priority; the priority is to increase entitlements. He believes he is a leveler. He wants to spread the wealth. He has been open about that. He wants to do Obamacare, which obviously he did. I mean, that's not his priority. And his -- what he demands that he knows what Republicans won't give him is a tax hike in return for a cutting of entitlements or for a tax reform. That's not going to happen and that's why we have not had the bargain over the five years, and we aren't going to have it. So, there is nothing that would give us hope that this is ending up in some kind of grand agreement. I think we are going it hit deadline again, and we are going to have to punt again.

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