Gingrich: Obama's Strategy Of Vilifying His Opponents And Refusing To Negotiate Worked


NEWT GINGRICH: It's a sad day, first of all, because the president adopted a strategy of vilifying his opponents and refusing to negotiate and it worked. He got what he wanted, on his terms, in a way that teaches us what he's going to do next, which is vilify his opponents and refuse to negotiate. It's a sad day because -- does any rational person really believe that this new super committee meeting until December 13th is going to accomplish what nobody has accomplished in the last three years? I mean, once again, we kick the can down the road. We don't fix Obamacare, which is becoming a fiasco around the country. We don't fix any of our major entitlements. We don't do anything about our debt. We don't do anything about transparency in public. We have two old-time leaders get together at the last minute, cut a secret deal and all of us breathe a sigh of relief and say, oh, this is terrific. The ox is out of the ditch, but it's still an ox.


GINGRICH: This shows you the gap in this country. Every consecutive I know thinks the bully is Barack Obama. He thinks the bully is Ted Cruz. I just want to suggest to you, it is not healthy as a country to have this big a divide.

VAN JONES: Fair enough.

GINGRICH: And I predict this president will spend the next two months further vilify Republicans and widening the gap even more.

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